Seetal Missan

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Practice Areas:


Seetal has eleven years of experience in cases involving:

  • Financial Settlements
  • Non-Molestation Orders/ Injunctions
  • Committal Proceedings
  • Cohabitation

Seetal qualified in 2009. She has represented numerous clients in cases involving domestic abuse, drug or alcohol misuse and has an understanding of the sensitive nature of such issues and the impact this has on families experiencing such difficulties.

During the years of practice, Seetal has represented fathers, mothers and grandparents in cases involving contact and residence and is committed to undertaking both private and Legal Aid work.

Seetal also specialises in divorces involving an international element where one spouse lives abroad and there may be difficulty in effecting service of documentation.

In addition to this, Seetal has considerable experience in dealing with Asian cases involving cultural issues, having worked closely with Women's refuges in the Midlands for a number of years.

Seetal speaks fluent Punjabi.

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Scott-Moncrieff solicitor delivers online education for lawyers

Scott-Moncrieff’s Nottingham-based family law solicitor Seetal Missan has produced a special webinar to educate fellow solicitors on the law applying to foreign marriages in the UK.

“It is vital that solicitors are up to speed with this area of the law and I am committed to ensuring education in this area is accessible and affordable,” says Seetal.  “My introductory level webinar considers the important issues around divorce proceedings concerning a marriage which has taken place abroad.

“I cover the legalities of religious ceremonies and give advice to solicitors on how clients can apply for an Islamic divorce, as well as whether the parties need to undertake a religious divorce in addition to divorce in the UK.

“I even explain the ownership and financial implications of gifts exchanged during Asian wedding ceremonies.

“I very much enjoyed creating the webinar and hope it gives fellow solicitors’ a clear insight into this areas of the law.”

The webinar is available for solicitors to view from Friday 15 June and will be online for 90 days via