Isabel practices Clinical Negligence and Inquests in England & Wales

Contact Isabel: 020 3972 9011 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Practice areas

Isabel works within the areas of:

  • Clinical Negligence
  • Inquests
  • Catastrophic injury claims





Isabel is a specialist in catastrophic injury claims involving brain and spinal injured claimants and also has extensive clinical negligence experience, with expertise developed over 20 years. During the past 7 years, Isabel has concentrated her practice on foreign jurisdiction claims for both claimants and defendants and on inquest and inquiry work. 

Isabel’s expertise includes European law cases but also cases in other jurisdictions outside the European Union including the US, Australia, Africa, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The current trend of cosmetic surgery cases abroad is also serving to generate cross-border clinical claims.

Isabel has experience of providing personal representation and advocacy on behalf of families at inquests and giving support via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with Victim Support for advice and family liaison for families subject to homicide abroad. Isabel facilitates legal support from an extensive network of foreign lawyers so that families may have legal advice abroad and representation at foreign criminal trials.

Isabel has significant expertise of inquest hearings, notably as a Recognised Legal Representative to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, which lead to more than £150m in compensation for survivors and families.

Isabel’s clinical negligence experience includes acting for protected parties and she was recently involved with the Court of Protection and the Official Solicitor on the settlement of a case at £7.6 million.

Isabel also lectures and trains consultants and expert witnesses on clinical negligence cases and inquests. 

In her role as a Solicitor Advocate at Inquests, Isabel will provide an update to the media outside court.

In respect to cosmetic surgery abroad, following an inquest where she represented a family at the Coroner’s Court, Isabel was interviewed about the case whereby the deceased died following surgery at a clinic in Turkey.


Isabel has written about her experience as a consultant solicitor at Scott-Moncrieff & Associates in Your Business magazine, seen here.

Isabel Bathurst, Consultant Solicitor at Scott Moncrieff has been appointed to the Training and Accreditation Committee (TAC) of APIL as a Non-Executive Director. The TAC is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee (EC) and as such is accountable to it. Its remit is to give strategic direction to the development of the accreditation scheme and training provision, oversee operational delivery by the staff team and provide support and guidance as required.