Our Unfair Dismissal Lawyers can help...

Not all employers follow correct legal process when it comes to dismissal, grievances or redundancy and this can lead to claims of unfair, wrongful or constructive dismissal. You can count on us to act quickly and assiduously – even while the dismissal process is still ongoing – to defend your rights as an employee. Our team of employment solicitors will assist with the negotiation of a settlement agreement, and even represent you during internal meetings, negotiating on your behalf.

Unfair Dismissal – How much will it cost?

Every case is different, which means that the legal costs inevitably vary. But we’ll advise on the best way of approaching your case so that fees are kept to a minimum. In certain very clear-cut situations it will be immediately obvious that you have grounds for legal action and it won’t cost you anything at all to get a decision to take your case forward to an Employment Tribunal.

Appointing the Scott-Moncrieff team as soon as unfair dismissal is suspected will ensure a faster and better outcome. Our employment lawyers offer services for individuals and employers throughout England and Wales, including London, Cardiff, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Northampton,  Southampton, Winchester, Brighton, Surrey, Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire and Birmingham.

What About Whistle-Blowing? Our Employment Solicitors Can Help

Our team of employment law solicitors have a well-known reputation for handling sensitive whistle-blowing cases. We believe that our work in this area contributes to a more enlightened approach to whistle-blowers across industry and business as a whole.

The firm acts as a guide and an adviser, helping people who have serious misgivings about workplace matters to carefully and appropriately communicate their concerns. Whether the issue relates to suspected criminal activity, to health and safety or the environment, or to potentially illegal breaches of security and contracts, our lawyers have the experience to give you reliable and constructive legal advice.

By involving us at an early stage, you can help safeguard against potential future problems such as unfair dismissal. The employment lawyers at Scott-Moncrieff will also work hard to secure proper and fair compensation.

Speak to our Employment Lawyers about Restrictive Covenants

When you’re starting your own company or simply changing jobs, there’s more than enough to think about and negotiate, without having to deal with a former employer trying to halt your progress.

Restrictive covenants are usually in place for good reason, but many over-step what is lawful and can act as shackles to your progress. Some employers seek to protect their business by restricting where their staff work once they have left the company. You may be left with the false impression that you can’t move to a job which you are legally entitled to take.

Our Employment Lawyers have an excellent track record in over-turning covenants that apply the restrictions too rigidly, giving the employee the freedom to move forward to the job of their choice.

The key to successfully challenging restrictive covenants is speed: call upon our expert employment solicitors immediately and our pro-active team will apply for a prompt injunction to help smooth the road ahead.

Can I get Legal Aid? Employment Lawyer for Employees

It’s sometimes possible to get Legal Aid in certain types of employment case, e.g. if your action relates to discrimination. If Legal Aid isn’t an option we’ll work with you to identify the most affordable alternative.

We know that affordability is a key factor and we’ll make sure you’re kept 100% up-to-date as your case progresses, so there are no nasty surprises at the end.

Contact our Employment Solicitors in London

We serve clients all over England, including London, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Leeds, Kent, Wirral, Merseyside, Flyde Coast and Manchester. Find out more information about our fees here.

For more information get in touch via our online contact form or call our team now on 020 3972 9011 .


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