Life as a solicitor can mean long hours at the office, a challenging commute, and even taking your job home with you most evenings and weekends. Scott-Moncrieff was created because we wanted to give lawyers greater control over their working life, allowing them to create a schedule that not only creates a better work-life balance but rewards them financially too.

However, maintaining a work-life balance as a freelance lawyer can be challenging too. In this article we look at some of the ways you can balance your family life with your career as a freelance lawyer.

For more information about working as a freelance lawyer for a virtual law firm, and how we at Scott-Moncrieff operate, read our Guide to Working for a Virtual Law Firm.

Set working hours

Working flexible hours and working remotely requires organisation and discipline. Just because you have escaped working 9-5, that does not mean you should not have working hours or a well-planned schedule.

You should plan out both your week and your days to suit your personal schedule and your clients. You must also keep a calendar and working plan to ensure you can meet your deadlines and client expectations.

Having family commitments may mean that your working day does not look like it did previously but try to stick to a set number of hours that you work each day. For example, perhaps you have three hours in the morning and then an additional four hours later in the evening. You can complete a full day of work while making time for your family during the day. Sticking to certain times can help your productivity and maintain a better work-life balance.

Set family hours

It is important to set work-free hours too. When you work flexibly, it can be easy to fall into the trap of working and being available to your clients all of the time. Try to set times that are entirely work-free. For example, not having your phone at mealtimes or after 8pm or always taking a Saturday afternoon off for family time.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is important for a successful work-life balance as a freelance lawyer. You should ensure that your family understand that just because you are at home, that does not mean you are available for household chores, playing with the children or walking the dogs. You are still at work. Similarly, setting boundaries with clients can be important too. Make sure they know when you will not be available to be contacted, and when you are on holiday.

Create a workspace

Having a clear workspace can help greatly with separating your work from your family life. Always having a laptop out while sitting on the couch can disrupt your family life but can also give you a false sense of how much work you are doing.

Work with Scott-Moncrieff as a Freelance Lawyer

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