This offer is not just about working alongside recognised leaders, it’s about ensuring every consultant lives and works in the way they want to – enabling them to be the best they can be for their clients while also getting their own work/life balance exactly right.

To make this work for our freelance lawyers, we provide:

state-of-the art
management and accounts systems

keep 70% of the fees you bill

supervision and guidance

Scott-Moncrieff was one of the world’s first ‘virtual law firms’, giving lawyers the freedom to practise when and as they want, with the ability to maintain or improve their earning power. We are actively looking for the best lawyers to join us as consultants – people who want to enjoy a 360° support service while dictating the pace of their own lives as freelance lawyers.

Are We Your Kind Of Firm?

Are we your kind of firm? Are you independently-minded? Ready to set your own goals? Perhaps you’re even entrepreneurial? Maybe you just need to shed the tedium and frustration of working for a standard law firm?
If you’ve looked at the calibre of people in our virtual law firm, you’ll know that you’ll be working alongside the very best. These are people at the top of their game who’ve decided that the traditional law firm route just doesn’t suit them. It’s time for you to consider working alongside them.
We’re right at the heart of the UK’s legal market, with our HQ in Temple, London and consultants across England and Wales.
Scott-Moncrieff freelance lawyers keep most of what they bill from the outset. In return, consultants receive a full IT, administrative and marketing support service provided by the sector’s leading practitioners.

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What Does a Virtual Law Firm Like Scott-Moncrieff Offer?

This offer is not just about working alongside recognised leaders, it’s about ensuring every consultant lives and works in the way they want to – enabling them to be the best they can be for their clients while also getting their own work/life balance exactly right.

To make this work for our freelance lawyers, we provide:

  • state-of-the art case management and accounts systems
  • a fair fee-sharing arrangement
  • supervision and guidance
  • marketing advice and assistance
  • comprehensive administrative support
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Why Work As A Freelance Lawyer At Scott-Moncrieff?

You won’t be working for Scott-Moncrieff, you’ll be working at Scott-Moncrieff. There’s a world of difference.

Scott-Moncrieff was conceived by renowned human rights lawyer Lucy Scott-Moncrieff CBE. At Scott-Moncrieff, we believe that people who do difficult and demanding work do it best if they feel good about their working conditions, so the virtual law firm is designed to give you full control over your working life as freelancers.

There are many experienced lawyers whose need for a balanced life, with challenging work and a rewarding career, are simply not met in conventional firms; people who want to have the time to deliver the best possible service to their clients without the politics and endless meetings on which mainstream firms seem to thrive.

So this virtual law firm’s main tenets embrace the key areas of a lawyer’s life:

  • professional development
  • independence
  • improved quality of life
  • being very well-rewarded for delivering expert advice
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How Does This Virtual Law Firm Work?

The majority of people here are self-employed consultant solicitors. All work that they do for Scott-Moncrieff is under the name of the firm and the contract is between the client and Scott-Moncrieff and subject to the firm’s policies and procedures. The work is protected by Scott-Moncrieff’s professional indemnity insurance.

Most of our consultants usually work from home as freelance lawyers or have their own offices. They can also work at our Temple, London HQ.

They take on as much or as little work with us as they wish, and they have full freedom to combine work for Scott-Moncrieff with any other work.

Some of our consultants have established a ‘team within a team’ by expanding the group of people working on their own specialism but without the cost of establishing their own separate firm.

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Our Technology

Technology makes our structure possible. We have invested in a leading case management system, a secure intranet, and a very useful on-line forum to ensure that distance does not impede communication or effectiveness.

It is our commitment to the best technology that enables our people to practise from anywhere in the country with efficiency and confidence.

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Be A Team Player When You Want To Be

Although technology is central to our operation, it does not replace face-to-face interaction and our consultants meet as often as they wish, either professionally through regular unit meetings, or socially. We think this helps make Scott-Moncrieff a happy and fulfilling place to work. 

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Commitment To Equality For Freelance Consultants

A key factor in Scott-Moncrieff’s ethos and something that sets us apart from other firms is our equality policy. All our consultants enjoy the same terms and conditions, whether solicitors or non-solicitors, and have full and equal access to all our services.

We do not distinguish (in fact, we have no way of distinguishing) between full-timers and part-timers, and the support and supervision we provide are based on need, not status.

Of course, we don't have a glass ceiling; because we don't have a ceiling at all. Our freelance law consultants determine their own goals and success is in their own hands. We find that the huge sense of freedom that comes with being fully in control of their own working practices inspires solicitors to perform to their very best.

Our way of working suits people who want to combine work with family responsibilities, those who enjoy portfolio working, and those who want to go flat out for success in their chosen field, unimpeded by the constraints of conventional practice.

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Freelance Lawyers Set Their Own Pay Level, Keep Their Own Hours

Our consultants retain most of their profit costs, regardless of whether the business is introduced by them or through Scott-Moncrieff and the amount they have earned. Thanks to this approach, freelance lawyers decide how much they want to earn and work accordingly.

Of course, this also means that consultants work when they want and where they want – the ultimate in professional freedom.

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What Type Of Freelance Lawyer Are We Looking For?

You’ve read this far… Are you interested?

We are currently expanding our teams across most areas of law, except conveyancing, with people who wish to work for themselves as well as with other like-minded people within the Scott-Moncrieff virtual law firm structure.

As most consultants work on their own, we’re eager to attract experienced solicitors with at least five years PQE with relevant practice experience in a particular area of law.

Ready to secure a virtual law firm job?

If you want to learn more or make an application to join Scott-Moncrieff, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will come back to you straight away with further details.

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