At Scott-Moncrieff, we are never surprised by how many times companies fail to register a charge at Companies House in a timely manner: it causes problems, but it’s not a fatal mistake. Registering a charge with Companies House is one of the many administrative responsibilities of company directors and there are clear rules about how and when this must be done.

If you have a valid reason for registering a charge after the legal deadline, you’ll need to appoint an experienced commercial law firm like Scott-Moncrieff to make an application to the court. Our commercial solicitors have the expertise to apply for a court order that can then be submitted to Companies House. We’ll assume responsibility for all aspects of the application, presenting the evidence in a way that ensures it will be accepted as genuine. We can also intervene if you’ve made a mistake in registering a charge so that you don’t run the risk of a fine.

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What is a charge?

A ‘charge’ is the security a company gives for a loan. There are two types of charge, a floating charge which is where the security is an unspecified or changing asset (for example, a stock or unpaid debts) and a fixed charge is a specific asset of a company (for example a mortgage or insurance). Details of a charge must be sent to Companies House. 

Registering late charges

Sometimes people forget to register charges for the company. If a charge is not registered within 21 days from the charge being created, it can be difficult to recover debt if a company becomes insolvent. If a charge is not submitted within the required time, you will need a court order to register the charge. 

At ScoMo we understand that keeping on top of registering charges in time can sometimes be missed. If you do not register the charge within 21 days, you will need a lawyer to assist. We are very experienced with addressing problems of late registration of charges. 

How can we help with late registration of charges?

To avoid being penalised for late registration of charges, ScoMo is here to resolve issues as efficiently as possible. At ScoMo, we work hard to find the best solution for everyone involved so that you can continue with business activities without disruption. 


It goes without saying that we’ll make sure we deliver the most cost-effective solution and that you’re kept 100% up-to-date with costs as the process progresses.

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