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Media & Entertainment Law: Up-to-date expertise in a fast-moving sector

Few industries have seen as many dramatic changes in the last few years as media and entertainment. New technologies have transformed the ways in which we all experience film, music, literature and news. They have changed the very way in which we understand each other. So if you’re involved in this sector you’ll need the input of a team of lawyers with the very latest expertise at its fingertips.

Scott-Moncrieff is just that: a firm that has kept one step ahead and that has extensive experience of a whole range of media and entertainment issues – from confidentiality agreements (non-disclosure) for celebrity weddings to merchandising and from self-publishing (and vanity publishing agreements) to claims of defamation. We understand the impact of new technology on the creative sector and the wider implications for copyright, from copyright infringement to passing off, as well as advising on intellectual property and reputation management.

We act for both individuals and companies. Individual clients include celebrities, public figures, businessmen, authors and artists, as well as television and theatre producers. Amongst our corporate clients are publishers, theatres, literary agencies, photographic and advertising agencies and trustees of literary property trusts. 

You’ll find we offer exactly what’s needed – whether you need legal help in resolving a dispute or in negotiating a new contract. Our lawyers have flair, tenacity and experience – so you’ll feel confident you’re in the safe hands of an expert media and entertainment solicitor.

Entertainment & Media Law: At what stage do I need a solicitor?

A media/entertainment contract can be complex so it’s important to get specialist legal advice at an early stage. You’ll find it’s a wise investment to protect your rights from day one. Whether you’re a writer, photographer or artist we’ll work hard to ensure you retain maximum control of your copyright material and that you’re fully rewarded in financial terms.

Our track record in media litigation gives us a unique insight into drafting and negotiating media and entertainment contracts, including publishing, licensing, film, TV and merchandising agreements.

Our expertise will ensure that you get the best possible deal and don’t give too much away – especially if you’re new to the process – and we’ll be pro-active in taking all the steps required to protect your immediate and long-term interests.

Can your Media & Entertainment Solicitors Help with Licences and Merchandising? 

Our expert media and entertainment lawyers have the know-how to advise on a whole range of agreement, licensing and merchandising issues.

We’ve managed confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreements, publishing agreements (including self-publishing), film, television, theatrical and broadcast licences, artists’ collaborations and agreements about product merchandising. So whatever your requirement, you’ll find we have the experience and expertise to achieve a positive outcome.

What about reputation management?

In the days of social media, reputation management is an increasingly complex and challenging area of the law. Anyone who is in the public eye (or about to be so) will benefit from having a competent and pro-active lawyer on their side.

Reputation management is a Scott-Moncrieff specialism. Our media and entertainment lawyers work closely with a number of high-profile individuals who are in the media spotlight. We’ve drafted confidentiality agreements for celebrity weddings and managed claims when privacy has been invaded or an individual has been defamed. We believe that being in the media spotlight doesn’t mean you should be exposed to unfair or intrusive publicity. And we certainly don’t agree that bad publicity is always a good thing!

We’re also highly experienced in brand management and work with a number of corporate clients to help safeguard or repair their reputation at times of controversy or dispute. Our media and entertainment solicitors serve clients throughout London and surrounding areas, including Kent, Brighton, Bristol, Shepherds Bush, Cobham, Maidavale, Shoreditch, Hampstead, Chelsea and Camden.

What if I Need Legal Advice About a Media Dispute?

We have extensive experience of advising across the whole spectrum of media disputes. We’ve assisted media and entertainment clients to resolve matters when a claim is made or threatened against them, including representing them in court.

We’ve worked extensively on claims relating to defamation, breach of contract, copyright infringement and passing off (plagiarism). You’ll find we offer a reassuring blend of a cool head and astute thinking – just what’s needed when a difficult dispute arises.

If the dispute relates to an employment issue, we’ll deploy the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team to ensure you get a speedy resolution.

Can You Advise on the Ins-and-Outs of Copyright?

As a general rule copyright lasts a minimum of life plus 50 years for most types of written, dramatic and artistic works, and at least 25 years for photographs.

Copyright prevents people from:

  • copying your work
  • distributing copies of it, whether free of charge or for sale
  • renting or lending copies of your work
  • performing, showing or playing your work in public
  • making an adaptation of your work
  • putting your work on the Internet.

The members of our media and entertainment team have expertise in both defamation and copyright litigation and have been interviewed as copyright experts by ITN and Channel 4. One of our leading media solicitors is also co-author of the copyright chapter of The Handbook of Creative Writing (published by Edinburgh University Press).  

What About Funding for Legal Advice?

We’ll advise on the best way of covering your legal costs so that it’s as affordable as possible. We know it’s vital to keep you 100% informed about what you’re spending as your case progresses and we’ll provide regular fee updates so that you’re never in the dark.

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